Installing Arduino on NanoPi

To program the Wemos D1 Mini NodeMcu via Arduino development environment on the NanoPi do the following:

For further information see Arduino documentation or Arduino language reference

The following libraries for sensors I use (Sketch->Include library->Manage Libraries):

Adafruit DHT-sensor-library Version 1.2.2
Adafruit_MQTT_Library Version 0.16.2

For adding a Filesystem to the ESP8266 see uploading-files-to-file-system


NanoPi Installation

NanoPi M1 Installation

Download win32diskimager.rar and extract it to an ordner.
Go to the ordner and double click Win32DiskImager.
Download and extract it to an ordner.
Put the MicroSD card into the card reader MicroSD card & reader.
In Win32DiskImager select Image File and Device and press Write.

Detailed instructions can be found at

First run up

After flashing the image, insert the MicroSD card into the NanoPi, connect the LAN cable, the hdmi cable, a keyboard and mouse and plug in the power supply. Even a 2A power supply is suggested, I’m working with a 1A without problems.

After the first run up do the following on the debian linux operating system.

After the reboot we suggest the following steps:

Next we install the mqtt broker

Then we install node-red

Then the webserver

The database

Other useful programs