The autohomy security milestone

All in one security solution for your home

Autonomous security for your homy house.

Technical Details:

  • smoke detector for fire alarm
  • 12V/5A LED Strip driver for light control
  • motion detection PIR sensor for light control and intruder detection
  • 85dB acustic alarm
  • temperatur sensor for heating control and fire alarm
  • humidity sensor

Schematics for interfacing the smoke detector with the NodeMcu

K1-3 … NodeMcu GPIO output alarm
K1-2 … NodeMcu GND
K1-1 … NodeMcu GPIO input smoke detected

K2-3 … Smoke detector test switch 12V
K2-2 … Smoke detector test switch GND
K2-1 … Smoke detector red buzzer cable

Picture of the enhanced alarm board

Schematics for interfacing the LED strip with the NodeMcu

Picture of the Mosfet

Picture of the DHT11

Picture of the DC/DC converter 12V to 5V

Picture of all

Attention! When programming the Wemos D1 mini via USB port, it is necessary to have the 12V power supply attached to the system. Otherwise the 5V from the USB port will burn the fire alarm chip! Really crazy but found not solution, yet.


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